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For the Property Investor

Out of all the property financing options, investing in property has seen the biggest change, effectively now making it much more difficult to find finance in this area. This highlights –more than ever – the importance of using a mortgage broker, to give you the highest probability of getting your next investment loan. With over 44 residential property lenders to pick from, I can sort out who will give you the highest loan amount, with the most competitive rate.

Interest Only loans are a legitimate tool for the property investor, but care needs to be taken when considering the recent policy changes and restrictions being placed on this type of lending. This is another good reason to talk to a LendSure Finance about these changes and how they might affect you into the future. 

Also key is that you have the correct loan structuring in place, so you have the right debt reduction and tax minimisation strategies. 

Booking in a time to have a 20 minute Free Information Call. If further assistance is required we can then arrange a one-on-one meeting, to determine the best way forward in buying your next investment or in the refinancing of your investment property/s.  

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