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Why not just go to a bank?

Firstly, it’s hard for most people to choose. Which bank? Which product? What about building societies and credit unions? There is just so much choice.

There are a lot of options out there, and with the Reserve Bank often moving official interest rates and banks able to move their rates independently, it’s an ever-changing market. Not to mention all the new products that are constantly being introduced.

With choice comes complexity. It can get tricky to navigate through it all. And it can take a lot of your time (and sanity sometimes too).

A mortgage broker will steer you through the complexities to find a loan that suits your needs and not the need of just one particular bank. We then deal with the lender and help manage the application process on your behalf through to approval.
That’s why a broker makes sense. We do this day in and day out. We know the lenders and their products, and we’re up-to-date with changes when it comes to lender policies, products and their different lending appetites. We help choose what’s right for you.

Banks enjoy working with brokers, as we do a lot of the banks’ work for them and making their jobs much easier, and may help speed up the application process and get you the top-notch customer service you deserve.

In the simplest terms, having a broker in your corner makes finding the right loan easier and can save you time, stress and hopefully, money.
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